Shoot FAQ - 2017

Do I bring any clothing?

The photoshoot will normally be done in front of a black screen and though we are focused mainly on nudes having a few options for clothing can help stage some scenes. Some suggestions that work are listed below.


Some examples (You can look at other shoots here for inspiration). 

  • Sports

  • Business

  • Fetish

  • Underwear (Solid colors photograph better than stripes etc)

**Note, Solid black, apart from leather, will disappear into the background**

What will you use the pictures for?

I currently post photos to the following 3 places. (Subject to change and discussion)


  • 4-6 Photos are posted to the Daniel Jeffrey Photography Facebook page which you can access here. These pictures are obviously Facebook appropriate (which may include side nudity) and are for general consumption. Unless specified you will be tagged in these pictures.

  • All pictures are posted to my Flickr page which you can access here. By default these pictures are locked down and only visible to other “intimates” photographers. If pictures are added to they are also made public on Flickr. Upon request, specific pictures will not be added.

  • 12 of my favorite pictures may also optionally be posted to the above website which is, of course, public, also these 12 pictures are unlocked for public view on Flickr.


PLEASE NOTE, none of the above happens without your consent, each picture is approved by you and you can request any photo not to be used.

Other Common Questions

  • How long does a shoot normally take?

    • For the blackscreen shoots, it normally takes 1-2 hours max. Other shoot types can be discussed on booking.

  • Where is the shoot done?

    • From my private home studio, another location can be arranged upon prior arrangement.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    • I do not recommend bringing person(s) who aren’t involved in the pictures. It may make you, the subject, more self-conscious and nervous, which will be visible in the pictures.

  • Why the black and do you have other backgrounds?

    • I specifically use the blackscreen to ensure the object the viewer sees, is you. I am open to other locations and backgrounds, e.g. your home.

  • How many pictures will I get and how long before I get them?

    • In a typical shoot you will receive between 10-20 pictures and it takes approximately a week to complete. The 6 posted Facebook pictures are processed next day.

  • Will I sign a photography release?

    • Yes, I get a release from each model for each shoot. This is done on my phone and you get a PDF copy of the signed release.

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